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Friday, 11 January 2013

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Hello There.. wow it has been a while since I blogged I tell ye!

I have been super busy with Christmas and Blog designing, which is my true baby and have wanted to make sure that all the designs that I have been doing have had my full attention.

I alos got engaged over Christmas which was magical and I wanted to enjoy the celebrations for as long as I could!

So, over Christmas, as most I over indulged in many things that I shouldn't have and my skin is now feeling the consiquences.

I have heard Tonnes about La Roche - Posay skin care but in particular their Effaclare duo which is an anti inperfection corrector. it is meant to be for people with very bad skin, which I don't have but I am very prone to the odd spot or extra head that grows from my chin and wanted to give it a go.

I bought it from boots and it cost £13 which i think is pretty reasonable for a product that I have heard great things about and wasn't ridiculasley expensive should it not deliver on what I expected.

I bought this round 1st December and have been using it twice each day since then.

Using this, I saw reuslts within a couple of days, I was amazed. I found that my skin looked clearer and I had less blackheads on my face, I also think that my skin tone was becomming a little more even after the years of smoking. I have since, touch wood, not had any spots since using the product!

I would for sure recommend this and will be re purchasing again and again..... and in boots at the moment it is 2 for £15 on this range meaning that you could get £11 saving! WOWza!

I'd love to hear if any of you have used this and what you think?

Thanks for reading


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