Wishful Thinking #1

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

I have seen so many beauty bloggers doing posts about the products that they have on their wish lists. I consistently have over 20 items on my list at one time, so I thought that I would jump on the band wagon and share mine with you.

This week I am wanting...

1 - Le Teint Touche Éclat Foundation

The new Le Teint Touche Éclat Foundation from YSL has been much anticipated by YSL beauty fans. It promises to target shadowy areas and highlight the contours of the face. It is described as a light illuminating foundation which has a perfecting texture. To me this sounds like a perfect light foundation that is not too heavy that you can build up to your desired coverage.

You can purchase this at Feel Unique for £28

2 - Nars Blush, Deep Throat 

I love Nars' naughty names for some of their colours, I think it gives them a funky side to their otherwise sleek packaging. Deep Throat is a Sheer Peach colour blush, which I am loving at the moment, Especially when the sun shows it's face.

You can purchase this from Nars Cosmetics for £21 

3- Elaina Badro, Essentials Brushes 

The collection of Elaina Badro Cosmetic Brushes have been created by celebrity makeup artist, Elaina Badro. She uses these cosmetic brushes to create the flawless makeup looks for red carpet events, music videos, photo shoots, advertisements, etc. Now, you can achieve the same looks with Elaina Badro brushes at your fingertips! I am desperate to try these, I absolutely love the design on them. I always love brushes that have been bought out by a makeup artist as I feel that they have been designed to be really easy to use!

You can purchase these from Elaina Badro for £73.28

4 - Nars Sheer Lipstick, Viva Las Vegas 

Another great named product from Nars. Viva las Vegas is descried as a sheer taupe shimmer, I am absolutely loving lip colour at the moment and have recently purchased some NARs Dupes at Barry M which I am going to do a blog post on. I love this nude shade that has a slight shimmer which would be suitable for everyday wear.

You can purchase from NARs Cosmetics for £14

So there is most of my wages for this week! What is on your wish list?

The Only Way is Essex 80's party

Monday, 30 July 2012

I have created this look after watching The Only Way is Essex on Sunday 30th July on ITV 2. The cast had an 80's party and I just loved Gemma Collin's eye makeup. She had a black, copper/gold coloured eye with dramatic dark lashes.

I used the following products to re create this look. I am allergic to eye lash glue, so have not added them to my look however. I think that they would Finnish the look very well.


Urban Decay Naked 2 -Colours used Blackout and Bootycall

MAC Cosmetics Glitter - Reflects Bronze

MAC Cosmetics Kohl - Smoulder

MAC cosmetics Penultimate Eyeliner- Black

Benefit They’re Real Mascara - Black

Rimmel Eye Brow Pencil - 001 Dark Brown

Step 1 

The first step in this look, is to create the black base on your eye lid, the items that I used for this step are below. I believe that the brush that you get in the Naked 2 pallet is perfect.

*Secret* - Don't worry if you cannot get the perfect shape with your eye shadow, or you bring the colour too high. Use a cotton bud that is slightly moist to mop all the excess up and gain that perfect shape!

  • Add 'Blackout' all over your eye lid,creating a domed shape that goes just above your crease line. 
  • Use the cotton bud to ensure that you have your desired  shape and clean up any mistakes.
  • Bring Blackout under the eye, ensuring that you keep the colour close to the water line, using the applicator end of your brush.
  • Use the fluffy end of your brush to blend the edges of your shape to remove any hard edges.   
                                          Tip - Use very light strokes to achieve this 

 Step 2 

 Add the kohl liner to your waterline and upper lash line


 Step 3 

You now need to add the Bronze/gold glitter to your lids.
  • Use the flat end of your brush.Apply the glitter to your brush. 
  • Ensure that you tap the brush to remove any loose glitter.
  • Using a 'patting' motion, add the glitter over your lid on the same areas that you have already applied  blackout
  • Use your Penultimate eyeliner to draw a thin line over your lash line.

Step 4 

When you are happy with the glitter coverage, add your mascara (and false eyelashes if using) I like to add lots of mascara for a real dramatic look.

Gemma likes to use quite a prominent highlighter on her brow bone, this is completely optional depending on the look that you prefer. In the pictures below I have used Bootycall on my brow bone.

What do you think of my re-creation of Gemma's look?

Send me your pictures as I would love to see them!
I am new to tutorials so please can I ask you to give me some honest feedback, I'd love to know if they are useful and how easy they are to follow. What would you change?
Thank you
Ellen x

Fujifilm - Health and Beauty Division....

Thursday, 26 July 2012

I must admit, when I heard that Fujifilm were branching out into Health and Beauty products, I did think that they were a little mad and desperate to make money!

I first saw Astalift on the Debenhams website, and was drawn in by it's bright orange packaging and mirrored effect. I thought that these factors made it look pretty high end ( not that I am that sure of what I was expecting from a camera specialist in this field), this started my interest.
Another reason that I was interested in this product, is because I am edging nearer to 30 everyday, and am petrified of my skin cells 'going dormet' (as the over enthusiastic about dead skin cells scientists put it) So I am pretty open to trying anything that may slow this process down.

taken from Debenhams.com
Hearing the words 'phenomenon' and 'breakthrough' along with 'Japanese technology' had me halfway to the shops, partnered with some fancy ingredients and the word COLLAGEN really sealed the deal for me and I made my purchase online in a flash!

To be completely honest, the product in my view is REALLY expensive, I bought the Jelly Aquarysta which was the first product that they had released in the line, they have since released hundreds more beauty creams. I paid £21.00 for 15g of the Jelly. You can get the jelly in two sizes, both the 15g pot and also in a  30g pot for £69.00.

The good news is that this is now in the Debenhams Summer Sale and you can pick them up with about 20% off in the UK.

When my delivery arrived i was pretty excited to give it a go, I opened the product and was quite surprised by the jelly consistency.

I had never used anything like this before, and did not have a clue how to get started, however hidden in the box was step by step instructions to where you should and how you should massage into the skin. I read that for maximum results, I should use in the mornings and evenings before I moisturise my skin, you should use circular motions around your eyes, forehead and mouth until the product has been worked in.

I have now been using Astalift Jelly Aquarysta for 7 days and I can honestly say that my original reservations on it being developed by Fujifilm are no longer. My skin feels like new, it is so much firmer and plump and I can't stop prodding my face to feel just how much plumper it feels! The product has a lovely smell of roses as well, which is always a plus point from me. 

with regards to the difference that it has made to any wrinkles I can clearly see that the small lines that I had around my eyes have begun to disappear and hopefully no new ones will come to light any time soon.

It's a thumbs up from me to Fujifilm, and I would defiantly buy this product again and  recommend it to my friends and family.

What do you think of Astalift? Have you given it a try?

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Ellen x

My At Home Donut bun.

Sunday, 22 July 2012

I have seen a lot of people recently with their hair in a perfect fat bun, I love this look and think it is perfect for work. My hair is about 13" long, so just below my shoulders, I do have quite alot of hair, but the texture is not too thick.

I created this look first, when I was a little broke, and payday was still 7 days away, I did not want to spend what little money I did have on a hair donut, so thought I would make my own. You can get pre -made donuts form boots etc and create the same look. I have since bought one to give it a try but I still prefer the sock method as I feel the pre made buns are not big enough for the look I like, and does not feel as sturdy in my hair.

For the bun, you will need to following items.

  • Scissors
  • Pair of Socks
  • Hair Pins
  • 2 x elastic hair ties
  • Hairspray
  • Volume powder (optional) I have very flat hair so I add this to give my ponytail volume

Step 1

Firstly you need to get a pair of socks, I used black as I have dark hair, but you can ammend to suit your hair colour.The socks I used were ordinary male black socks, that I stole form the boyfriend! opps.

  1. Cut off the toe end of each sock, about 3cm up ensuring that both socks are cut evenly.
  2. Place both socks over your arm, one on top of the other and even them out.
  3. Remove both socks together, you should now one sock inside the other.

 Step 2 

You now need to begin rolling your donut. Start at the toe end of the socks, as it is the most uneven, and slowly roll them both back together. Ensure that you smooth your donut that is forming on each roll that you make. At this stage you can unroll and re-roll the socks as many times as you like until you are happy with the finished look 

Step 3 

Next, you need to place your hair into a ponytail using one of your hair ties, at this stage I like to use volumising powder to give my hair a bit of volume and so my hair is not flat against my head, ensure that you are happy with your pony tail at this stage as you will not be able to ammend it at any point.

  1. Place your hair in a pony tail.
  2. Feed your pony tail through the donut.
  3. Spread your pony tail over the donut, ensuring that the socks are completely covered evenly by your hair.

Step 4 

 Once you are happy that your hair is covering the donut secure your second hair tie over the top, as below:  

Step 5 

 In this step you need to use your hair pins to pin the extra hair in place.
  1. Take a section of the excess hair, around 1-2 Cm's and wrap around the bun, securing in place with a bobby pin.
  2. Take the next piece of hair at the bobby pin you have just placed,and repeat this step as below 
  3. Continue this until you have secured all your hair in place.
  4. Any layers that you may have in your hair may come free so use extra bobby pins around the  bun to hide these. (if you want a messier style, I like to leave these).
Use your hair spray to fix in place and smooth over your hair. and voila! 

Here is my finished look. 

What do you think? would you use socks instead of a donut?

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Ellen x

My Bond Girl Makeup

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Whilst I was clearing out my makeup draws, I found my favorite lipstick, which i I have not used for yonks! This inspired me to do a 'bond girl', make up look and post it all for you to see.

The main products i used for the look were:

Top Tip! - blending takes time! use a clean blending brush such as a MAC 217 and use circular, jolty motions as light as a feather through your crease following the line of your eye. It is easier to add a little eyeshadow at a time building up the colour slowly rather than trying to add all the colour at once. you can keep adding and blending until you have the desired look.

Top Tip! - using your application brush, drag a little silver ring under your eye, along yout water line to give you a suitble colour.

Top Tip! - Add your mascara once you have drawn your first line so you can gauge how much product you need. you can also add more Silver Ring on your crease line if you feel you need it.

Voila! there is your finished look! What do you think to this look?

Bringing summer in the rain (at least to my nails)

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

One of the things that I love about the summer months is the colours you can wear on your nails, I love to experiment with them all the time and change them like my clothes! My fav today is Bourjois Paris So Laque! Ultra Shine Nail Polish!

You can pick this up at boots for £5.99 or two for £11. My favourite colour at the moment is TANGERINE FATAL which is a beautiful coral colour and makes me feel so summery even when it's raining!

The only downside I would say is the varnish is very thin and it requires a lot of patience to apply lots of layers!

Whats your favourite colour?

My Last Guest blogger is...

My final blogger is Hannah from http://beginnersbeauty.com I love her blog, it is so fresh and inviting and unlike the others she also does a vlog on you tube, come and check her out! 


1 - what is your name? - My name is Hannah
2- When did you start your Blog? - I started my blog in January 2012
3- How long have you been blogging? - I have been blogging since January 2012 but I have been reviewing products for just over a year now
4- how often do you blog? - I blog minimum once a week, but most of the time 2-4 times a week, depending on what I have going on at home and work
5- what is the main subject on your blog? - Mainly beauty and fashion. I like to do reviews, fashion posts,tips, tricks and more!
6- what is the one product you can't live without? - oh that's tricky! Erm...it will have to be my aloe vera moisturizer! I have blemished and dry skin and this really hydrates and treats this perfectly! 
7- what is the one 'cheap' product that you can't live without? - my one cheap product I cannot live without is my Mua eyelid primer which is only £3!! It is amazing quality! I would even compare it to the urban decay primer!
8- what product do you think is so good you would buy it no matter the cost? - it would have to be my Doctor Spot by soap and glory! It is £8 for a small tube but it works like a dream!
9 - What is the last beauty product you bought? - the last beauty product i bought was the batise dry shampoo! Bought it today!
10 - What made you buy that brand? - batise is brilliant! Their dry shampoos are the best i have ever used! They are true to their word too!
11 -What is the most disapointing product that you have bought? - the most disappointing product i have ever bought has to be the E.L.F flawless finish foundation. It claimed to make your face look fresh, bright and in HD but it actually made my skin look really cakey and orange! 
12- Whats your top 3 products? - it has to be my powder foundation by witch skin care, my nivea aloe vera moisturizer and my soap and glory doctor spot! All awesome products that i would highly recommend!
13 - What are you planning on buying next and why? - i am thinking of buying some real techniques brushes. A lot of people rave about how good they are so i will see if they match my eco tools brushes! Haha!

Q&A round 2...Meet Mandy and The Made up Maiden

Monday, 16 July 2012

My next two guest bloggers write about beauty products, Mandy from Makeup from the Inept desribes herself as, someone who does not think that it is necessarily ok to shell out £36 on a bronzer or can’t leave the house without putting on a full face of slap.  While I love the idea of embracing my inner makeup artist, execution does not always take place.  I love researching makeup and reading reviews and trying new looks, but with a more, what I like to think of as, a realistic approach.


1 - what is your name? Mandy
2- When did you start your Blog?
About a year ago (1 year anniversary coming up at the end of July!)
3- How long have you been blogging?
I started my first blog when I went on a 1 year holiday to Australia in 2009, but I started my beauty blog about a year ago.
4- how often do you blog? 
I try to post at least 3 times a week.
5- what is the main subject on your blog?
Beauty products!
6- what is the one product you can't live without?
  A good moisturizer, I love Monu.
7- what is the one 'cheap' product that you can't live without? 
The MUA eyeshadow palettes, they're such a good bargain!
8- what product do you think is so good you would buy it no matter the cost?
  That's a hard one, I do have an addiction to Max Factor Lash Blast Fusion Mascara.
9 - What is the last beauty product you bought? 
The MUA Undressed Palette
10 - What made you buy that brand?
  MUA is such good quality for the price and their products have never disappointed me.
11 -What is the most diaapointing product that you have bought?
  A Maybelline felt pen eyeliner, it was so bad.  It came up grey and just transferred all over your eyelids, straight into the bin!
12- Whats your top 3 products
?  Maybelline Dream Matte Powder, Max Factor Lash Blast Fusion, and MUA Mosaic Blusher in Shade 1
13 - What are you planning on buying next and why
?  I actually haven't planned my next purchase at the moment, probably a highlighter as I don't have one in my collection that I'm happy with at the moment.

I love Mandy's beauty blog! check her out at http://makeupfortheinept.wordpress.com or on the Beauty Bloggers Unite Blog hop!

My Second Blogger is The Made Up Maiden who describes her blog as 'A blog to describe my beauty adventures and escapades, and anything else that may take my fancy along the way...' 

My Photo

I love her use of photos and the idea of having a 'look of the day' come and check her blog out at http://madeupmaiden.blogspot.co.uk!

1 - what is your name? -  The Made Up Maiden
2- When did you start your Blog? October 17, 2011
3- How long have you been blogging? About 9 months!
4- how often do you blog? On average, twice a week, but sometimes more.
5- what is the main subject on your blog?
All things make up, especially eyes and nails!
6- what is the one product you can't live without?
My Shu Uemura cleansing oil, it takes everything off!
7- what is the one 'cheap' product that you can't live without?
Maybelline baby lips lip balm, it only costs $4!
8- what product do you think is so good you would buy it no matter the cost?
The Shu Uemura cleansing oil :p
9 - What is the last beauty product you bought?
I just bought some Essence make up today (eyeshadows)!
10 - What made you buy that brand?
I love how the products are great quality AND affordable too!
11 -What is the most disapointing product that you have bought?
The YSLTouche Eclat is pretty nondescript on me.
12- Whats your top 3 products
Shu Uemura cleansing oil, Estee Lauder Invisible Fill Makeup foundation and Clinique Chubby Sticks
13 - What are you planning on buying next and why?
 I want to get some of the new colours in the Chubby Sticks, the new Revlon Just Bitten Kissable lip stains, the Body Shop vanilla body lotion and some MUA eyeshadow palettes.

I love my fellow bloggers views and opinions! what are your favorite products?

Introducing..... Q&A

Friday, 13 July 2012

I recently asked my lovely followers to answer some burning questions around their favourites and to die for beauty products... I wanted to share their opinions with you throughout July. I introducing a new Product Junkie sister every couple of days!

My first guest is Jessica McDonald, Jessica is a 'Skin care obsessive with a passion for nurturing beauty from the inside out. I am always curious about new developments and eager to find my next hero product. I love plump, glowing skin, full lips, flushed cheeks and barely there makeup. I work towards the idea of a face that looks super groomed, lavished with love and amazing products. A spoilt face'

I love her blog and especially love her 'to try list' and can image so much of my money going on this!

1- What is your name? - Jessica Mcdonlad

2- When did you start your Blog? - April

3- How long have you been blogging? - I work in marketing, so I have blogged in the past for my job, but I have only been blogging for myself since April.

4- how often do you blog? - Depends, sometimes I am way too busy with work and family life to even think about blogging. But generally I try to blog at least once a week.

5- what is the main subject on your blog - Skincare, with an emphasis on natural products and skin nutrition.

6- what is the one product you can't live without?- Nude cleansing oil.

7- what is the one 'cheap' product that you can't live without?- Rose water. It is my favourite toner.

8- what product do you think is so good you would buy it no matter the cost?- Collagen shots. They are the only supplement that has ever made an un questionable difference to my skin. And the results are top to toe!

9 - What is the last beauty product you bought?- Claudalie vinoperfect day perfecting cream.

10 - What made you buy that brand?- Claudalie is one of my 'go to' brands. They never let me down.

11 -What is the most disappointing product that you have bought?- I didn't buy it, but I had to test Bliss blood orange and white pepper scrub once for work. I opened the jar and was nearly choked by it's overpoweringly synthetic fragrance. The scrub itself had a radioactive orange glow. I have never felt quite so alarmed by the sight of a body scrub before.

12- Whats your top 3 products - a good oil would have to come top. I am currently loving Jo Wood's USIKU body oil. Nip+Fab bust fix is a day and night must have for me, and I will never sleep again without drinking collagen shots first.

13 - What are you planning on buying next and why?- I have a constant beauty 'to buy' list on my i pad. At the moment, products topping the list are; Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse, Eminence vanilla latte tinted moisturiser and Naturopathic sweet cherry enzyme peel

Jessica's blog can be found here at Spoilt Face, go and check it out!

Hello Flawless

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

I am a real suffer of an oily T zone. I have tried may different foundations that claim to combat this, but have unfortunalty not been able to find one that lasts well without a powder.

I am not a great fan of powder, as I do not like the look it gives your skin, I have always felt that it clings to every tiny hair that you have on my face and makes me look awful! During my Benefit Haul (see previous post), I was introduced to 'Hello Flawless' which is a powder cover up. If I am honest, I only bought it as I felt that I should, the beauty assistant swore by it.

I popped it in my bag and never gave it a second look until recently, I was at an important meeting at work on a stuffy and hot day. I had looked in the mirror and could see my foundation melting off, I needed to act quick so grabed out my powder and gave it a go.

I was so surprised how much I loved it, and so quickly, usually it takes me a couple of applications. In the box you get two different applicators, a sponge to pat onto red spots and blemishes, and a brush to use over the rest of your face, it instantly gave me a 'just done my makeup' look and made my makeup last until the end of the day. I was also so pleased that it did not give me a hairy face! I also love the packaging, I do think that you pay for the quirkiness of benefit at times... but I still love it :-)

What do you think of powder? do you use it all the time? what is your favorite powder?

You can buy the Benefit Range here

Benefit Cosmetics (UK)

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Are Woman that wear makeup to work more competent?

Monday, 9 July 2012

A recent study by Harvard University showed that woman that wear makeup to work are perceived as more competent, likeable and trustworthy by their colleagues.

The study, which was also designed by Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, flashed the images of 25 women – of different races and ages and wearing different levels of makeup – to more than 250 people. The main conclusion was that people judge women who wore noticeable lip and eye makeup as more competent than their démaquillée counterparts.
Harvard were not the only believers in this theory....
A post on Psychology Today says that “additional research published in the International Journal of Cosmetics Science (Nash et al., 2006) discovered that people judge women wearing cosmetics as higher earners with more prestigious jobs.
It is important to show your company and your colleagues that you care about how you represent them, physically. Women who wear make-up generally get better jobs, quicker promotions, and a pay increase (Times Online UK). The way that you physically present yourself is the packaging of your personal brand. Whether you like it or not, you will be judged on your appearance.
OK.. so the above 'research' is a little over the top, however I do agree with the statement made, that most of the time you will be judged on your appearance, ( it is human nature :-( ) and those people that ensure that their ' personnel brand' looks it's best will have an advantage.
I wanted to share with you my favourite products for a simple everyday 'work' makeup look. If you are anything like me I am so sleepy in the morning I need something quick and easy, using products that will ensure I can spend longer snoozing. 
Some of my favourites at the moment are.. 
Embryolisse - Lait-Creme Concentre - £ 16.99 ( a little pricey I admit, but well worth the price tag)
This moisturiser is amazing! I saw it on line and heard some great things about it so decided to purchase it from Lovemakeup, I do not suffer from really dry skin, but I often have patches of  dry skin on my cheeks. The product rubs in really easily and does not leave any oily residue behind which I like, it also does not have any perfume in it,so is suitable for sensitive skin. the results I had from using this after only 3 days was AMAZING! my skin was do dewy and soft. I now use this instead of a primer during the week, making my get ready time in the morning super quick!

Bourjois Healthy mix serum, Gel Foundation - £10.00 Boots (bargain!)
This is my favourite foundation at the moment, and at a bargain £10 from boots, you can also get it in a 3 for 2 deal at the moment. This foundation gives you a medium to light coverage, which you can build up should you want a heavier coverage.The reason I love this product so much, is its lastabilty (it really lasts all day, even with my oily skin) and its texture means that you can blend it so easily and quickly! it also smells lush too!

I like to add a blush of choice to the apples of my cheeks(this is different depending on my mood) , please see my recommendations from my previous post here
for my eyes, I like to stay simple with a 'nude' look for work.:

Urban Decay Eyeshadow in 'Snatch' £14.00 Debenhams
This is such a beautiful bronze colour, I love it because it reflects the light so nicely with the gold glitter that it has within it. I feel it's a great way to wear eye makeup without too much of a statement in the workplace.

Body Shop Big and Curvy Waterproof Mascara (which you can purchase here*)- £ 10.00- I love this mascara, it gives you such good quality for the price. The applicator brush is lovely and narrow, which is great for sleepy eyes as it is easier to apply without making a mess!
Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil 001 - Dark Brown £ 2.99 Superdrug

This is a really cheap but durable pencil, this is easy to apply and lasts all day!

And there you have my simple makeup look for work.

What do you think about wearing makeup to work? do you think it really makes a difference to how our colleagues perceive us? what are your favourite everyday products?  let me know your thoughts.

Thank you for reading

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