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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

My final blogger is Hannah from I love her blog, it is so fresh and inviting and unlike the others she also does a vlog on you tube, come and check her out!

1 - what is your name? - My name is Hannah
2- When did you start your Blog? - I started my blog in January 2012
3- How long have you been blogging? - I have been blogging since January 2012 but I have been reviewing products for just over a year now
4- how often do you blog? - I blog minimum once a week, but most of the time 2-4 times a week, depending on what I have going on at home and work
5- what is the main subject on your blog? - Mainly beauty and fashion. I like to do reviews, fashion posts,tips, tricks and more!
6- what is the one product you can't live without? - oh that's tricky! will have to be my aloe vera moisturizer! I have blemished and dry skin and this really hydrates and treats this perfectly! 
7- what is the one 'cheap' product that you can't live without? - my one cheap product I cannot live without is my Mua eyelid primer which is only £3!! It is amazing quality! I would even compare it to the urban decay primer!
8- what product do you think is so good you would buy it no matter the cost? - it would have to be my Doctor Spot by soap and glory! It is £8 for a small tube but it works like a dream!
9 - What is the last beauty product you bought? - the last beauty product i bought was the batise dry shampoo! Bought it today!
10 - What made you buy that brand? - batise is brilliant! Their dry shampoos are the best i have ever used! They are true to their word too!
11 -What is the most disapointing product that you have bought? - the most disappointing product i have ever bought has to be the E.L.F flawless finish foundation. It claimed to make your face look fresh, bright and in HD but it actually made my skin look really cakey and orange! 
12- Whats your top 3 products? - it has to be my powder foundation by witch skin care, my nivea aloe vera moisturizer and my soap and glory doctor spot! All awesome products that i would highly recommend!
13 - What are you planning on buying next and why? - i am thinking of buying some real techniques brushes. A lot of people rave about how good they are so i will see if they match my eco tools brushes! Haha!


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