The Only Way is Essex 80's party

Monday, 30 July 2012

I have created this look after watching The Only Way is Essex on Sunday 30th July on ITV 2. The cast had an 80's party and I just loved Gemma Collin's eye makeup. She had a black, copper/gold coloured eye with dramatic dark lashes.

I used the following products to re create this look. I am allergic to eye lash glue, so have not added them to my look however. I think that they would Finnish the look very well.


Urban Decay Naked 2 -Colours used Blackout and Bootycall

MAC Cosmetics Glitter - Reflects Bronze

MAC Cosmetics Kohl - Smoulder

MAC cosmetics Penultimate Eyeliner- Black

Benefit They’re Real Mascara - Black

Rimmel Eye Brow Pencil - 001 Dark Brown

Step 1 

The first step in this look, is to create the black base on your eye lid, the items that I used for this step are below. I believe that the brush that you get in the Naked 2 pallet is perfect.

*Secret* - Don't worry if you cannot get the perfect shape with your eye shadow, or you bring the colour too high. Use a cotton bud that is slightly moist to mop all the excess up and gain that perfect shape!

  • Add 'Blackout' all over your eye lid,creating a domed shape that goes just above your crease line. 
  • Use the cotton bud to ensure that you have your desired  shape and clean up any mistakes.
  • Bring Blackout under the eye, ensuring that you keep the colour close to the water line, using the applicator end of your brush.
  • Use the fluffy end of your brush to blend the edges of your shape to remove any hard edges.   
                                          Tip - Use very light strokes to achieve this 

 Step 2 

 Add the kohl liner to your waterline and upper lash line


 Step 3 

You now need to add the Bronze/gold glitter to your lids.
  • Use the flat end of your brush.Apply the glitter to your brush. 
  • Ensure that you tap the brush to remove any loose glitter.
  • Using a 'patting' motion, add the glitter over your lid on the same areas that you have already applied  blackout
  • Use your Penultimate eyeliner to draw a thin line over your lash line.

Step 4 

When you are happy with the glitter coverage, add your mascara (and false eyelashes if using) I like to add lots of mascara for a real dramatic look.

Gemma likes to use quite a prominent highlighter on her brow bone, this is completely optional depending on the look that you prefer. In the pictures below I have used Bootycall on my brow bone.

What do you think of my re-creation of Gemma's look?

Send me your pictures as I would love to see them!
I am new to tutorials so please can I ask you to give me some honest feedback, I'd love to know if they are useful and how easy they are to follow. What would you change?
Thank you
Ellen x

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  1. I need to do more tutorials I've done a couple n I'm new to them aswel this is a look I used to do v often if u look at my post about the journey of make up in my life ull c alot of pics of the looks I've created x


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