Wishful Thinking #2

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

This weeks wish list has some  of my most wanted products including the ONE product I need... as I want it so badly, I will start with it...

 Sigma Beauty - Limited Edition Paris Palette $59

I am in love with this palette! the colours are absolutely beautiful, and have been inspired by famous landmarks in Paris.They are also really nicely named after the places. Within the palette you get 8 eye shadows, 3 blushers and 2 applicator brushes. I can only find this on the American Sigma site, so I am doubtful that I can order it, but would do anything to get my hands on it. 

You can get this here on the US Sigma site

Leighton Denny, Lip Dual - 03 In The Nude £17.50

These Lip colours are amazing, you effectively get three products in one. It is designed so you can wear the Lip Stain during the day, which gives you a subtle colour that stays put until you remove it (it reminds me a little of Benefit's 'Benetint' ). You can then change the look for a more glossy night time finish, by adding the Lip Stick to give you a dewy satin lip colour. You can get these in 10 different colours, my favourite is the coral shades of In The Nude.

 you can pick these up here

Sigma Essentials Kit - Make Me Blush £121.99

Again this is another Sigma product that has been on my wish list for such a long time. I love these brushes, and love the fact you can get them in some quite funky colours. I am really into corals and pinks at the moment, so really want to get my hands on the Make Me Blush kit. in the kit you get 12 brushes that Sigma say, you can complete your makeup with, you also get the brushes in a solid leather holder which is great, if like me you need to transport your makeup to different shoots.

I have found these here in the UK and also here on the sigma site.

NARS - Sheer Glow Foundation £29.50

I have been having a battle recently with foundation, I have found it really difficult to find one that I love and would wear everyday. I spent years being a smoker ( I have now quit for 9 months woo!) so as a result, I do not have the best complexion and I love a flawless finish. This foundation has a satin finish which I feel instantly wakes my skin up and gives me the flawless look I want. I can't wait to get paid and buy this foundation! 

You can grab this here at John Lewis

MAC - Lustre Drops £17.50

This is a liquid shimmery bronzer in effect, I think that it is too shimmery to wear 'neat' on your skin, however I love to add a few drops to my foundation to give me a shimmery radiant glow. I guess in a way it's a way to make your own NARS Sheer Glow foundation with your own drug store foundation! this bottle will last you yonks, so is defiantly a cheaper way to get the same effect. 

you can get this here at Debenhams

What do you think of my Wednesday wish list? what's on yours?


  1. I have been lusting over a Sigma brush kit for the longest time now. It sucks that shipping is super expensive, plus the tax and the waiting time :( I need them in my life haha



  2. I love the look of the lip duel and the brushes, I've still yet to use Sigma brushes!


  3. I love this wish list, the Sigma Essentials Kit are also on my list. I'm hoping a birthday prezzie will be this lol. Lovely post x


  4. Hi guys, thanks :-) I would love the brushes for Christmas, I am dropping hints to the boyfriend at the moment!

    Thanks for visiting my blog :-) ill be checking all yours out this evening

    Ellen x

  5. Found you via the BBU Blog Hop and followed:)

    Love if you could check out my Covergirl Giveaway!

  6. Anonymous2:39 am

    I just bought the Nars Sheer glow, and it is hands down my favorite foundation now! I have never had a foundation match my skin so well and give me a flawless face. It covers up all my old acne scars perfectly. (:


    1. You've convinced me to go and buy it this afternoon! Just not sure of my colour x

  7. I love the look of the pink sigma brushes - they're on my wishlist too!

  8. Hey I've nominated u for the Liebster award head over to aqeela-keela.blogspot.co.uk and check out the Liebster award post x

  9. This post seem very yummy!!! I love chocolate!
    Technology, Free Software and Best Tutorial
    your blog is good! I'll visit again :)
    God Bless You

  10. Hey, I found your blog through the BBU blog hop. I love your blog, and have now followed! That lipstick looks gorgeous btw!


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