My long awaited Makeup storage..

Thursday, 2 August 2012

As the title of this post suggests, I have been searching for a long time to find affordable makeup storage for every day, since seeing the Kardashians and the 'Cube' I really wanted something similar. At a pinch of £117 I was determined to find something similar for less. I have literally searched everywhere, and then by accident I stumbled across Muji... Wow it was like Christmas!

These boxes are so affordable, and unlike the Cube you are able to stack them as you need them, and add to them as your makeup storage grows.They are also such good quality, I was worried the acrylic would be quite thin and i was pleasantly surprised!

Here are a few examples of the storage you can buy..






Here is my current collection..

I am so happy with this discovery!

What do you use for your makeup storage? 

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  1. I haven't got around to buying any muji storage yet but I definitely will now! Your storage looks fab! A little bit envious now :)

    Helen xxx

  2. Thanks hun! I've wanted it for such a long time! Defo get it, I feel so organised!

    Thanks for visiting :-)

  3. I've really wanted these boxes for ages. Even more tempted to invest!
    Found your blog at BBU blog hop x

    1. i love them so much! thank you for following, I am now following too x

  4. Hey!

    This is a great storage idea! It makes all your makeup look neat and organised :) Mine is in a big drawer at the moment but separated into sections using old Glossyboxes haha, not too good, I need to sort it out.

    Just found you through the blog hop, now following, maybe you could check out my blog too? :)

    Laura xx

  5. I really want MUJI storage, im currently using some crappy plastic drawers, but im definitely going to invest in some new storage when i have the money.
    Great post!
    Natalie xx

  6. Muji storage is the best, I love mine! When I bought mine in April the sales assistant said they were going to be releasing a taller stacked one a la the cube and what the Kardashians all have. I'm holding out on buying any more until this comes out, I was told definitely this year. Better be soon!

  7. Wow, that's amazing I can't wait until that comes out! I love this stuff it makes me think I'm really organised- the rest of my stuff is everywhere!

  8. This is such a great collection, At the moment my collection is in an ALEX drawer unit from IKEA plus a few other drawers, a few bags and a few train cases :/ i really need to sit down one day and organize everything. I'm a really organised person so my makeup not being organised is frustrating me haha



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