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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

I am a real suffer of an oily T zone. I have tried may different foundations that claim to combat this, but have unfortunalty not been able to find one that lasts well without a powder.

I am not a great fan of powder, as I do not like the look it gives your skin, I have always felt that it clings to every tiny hair that you have on my face and makes me look awful! During my Benefit Haul (see previous post), I was introduced to 'Hello Flawless' which is a powder cover up. If I am honest, I only bought it as I felt that I should, the beauty assistant swore by it.

I popped it in my bag and never gave it a second look until recently, I was at an important meeting at work on a stuffy and hot day. I had looked in the mirror and could see my foundation melting off, I needed to act quick so grabed out my powder and gave it a go.

I was so surprised how much I loved it, and so quickly, usually it takes me a couple of applications. In the box you get two different applicators, a sponge to pat onto red spots and blemishes, and a brush to use over the rest of your face, it instantly gave me a 'just done my makeup' look and made my makeup last until the end of the day. I was also so pleased that it did not give me a hairy face! I also love the packaging, I do think that you pay for the quirkiness of benefit at times... but I still love it :-)

What do you think of powder? do you use it all the time? what is your favorite powder?

You can buy the Benefit Range here

Benefit Cosmetics (UK)


  1. This is a translucent powder, right? I have one of those from too faced and i love it in summer. My skin is so oily and it is perfect for touch ups during the day without making your foundation look cakey!
    hey from the blog hop :)
    The Amazing World Of J

  2. I too hate the look powders give so i dont generally wear them but this sounds good! I found your blog through the blog hop and im now following you :D
    If you have the time please come check out my blog!

  3. i have an oily t zone too and i wear rimmels stay matte, have you tried that?
    found your blog through bbu blog hop :)
    lauren xx

  4. Can't live without it and I always have a spare one just in case! This powder gets more amazing when it breaks! I didn't love the product at first but mine fell down and broke the powder. It became a loose powder and I fell in love with it :D

  5. Thanks Ladies... I have followed you all back.
    I have just bought Rimmels Stay Matt, if I am honest I love this product just as much and it is only a fraction of the price! Loving the blogs!! x

  6. Hi, found you through the BBU blog hop! I swear by the Rimmel Stay Matte powder too! x


  7. I really want to try this product...seems really good :) Good review!
    Found you via the blog hop! Following :) x x x


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