Makeup Course Update - Section 1

Friday, 29 June 2012

So as you know I am currently studying towards my qualification in Makeup Artistry with ICS. I have received my first dispatch of items, (see previous blog) which is all based around the Legal aspects of Make up Artistry and preparing someone’s face for makeup. You have 4 'test papers' to complete for this section.

So far I have managed to get through 1 test paper and am ready to do my second, if I am honest this first part is pretty simple and is around Health and Safety Law, Employment Law and your responsibilities as a 'small business'. I deal with this allot in my day job so was able to power through this section in a couple of days.

In the first test paper you have to relate the correct legislations to the scenarios, such as 'An employee is entitled to a written statement of earnings' and you have to match it up to The Employment Rights Act 1996. (that may sound more complicated than it is, they tell you all you need to know in quite simple text) the next part of test one is about the different types of career within the makeup industry, such as Media, Beauty Salon and Beauty counter and the pros and cons of both. You then have to complete a 'self analysis' and rate on a scale of 1-10 each industry and how much you feel you would want to have a career in it and why. Over all this test paper (although I have not yet had the results) was pretty easy as long as you have read the information that they have given you.

The second test paper is all about preparing someone’s skin for makeup and which products that you should use. You do get all the products that you need for the test in the bag that they send with your written materials. It talks you through the different types of cleansers and toners and which should be used on different skin types and what the benefits of each are, you then have to do this on a model whilst taking pictures of each step, from setting up your station, to what you are wearing for the treatment and pictures whilst you are doing the treatments. Your model then needs to complete a questionnaire on how they found the session, and you write up  a 1 side of A4 a written report on what steps you took before, during and after the treatment. Like I said I am now ready for this step but it is difficult to find time to actually get on with it!

I hope that this is of some use for those of you who are thinking of enrolling in a similar course which I am aware that some of you are. I will blog again for sections 3 and 4, if you have any questions please contact me from the 'contact me' page.

Over and Out....

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