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Thursday, 26 July 2012

I must admit, when I heard that Fujifilm were branching out into Health and Beauty products, I did think that they were a little mad and desperate to make money!

I first saw Astalift on the Debenhams website, and was drawn in by it's bright orange packaging and mirrored effect. I thought that these factors made it look pretty high end ( not that I am that sure of what I was expecting from a camera specialist in this field), this started my interest.
Another reason that I was interested in this product, is because I am edging nearer to 30 everyday, and am petrified of my skin cells 'going dormet' (as the over enthusiastic about dead skin cells scientists put it) So I am pretty open to trying anything that may slow this process down.

taken from Debenhams.com
Hearing the words 'phenomenon' and 'breakthrough' along with 'Japanese technology' had me halfway to the shops, partnered with some fancy ingredients and the word COLLAGEN really sealed the deal for me and I made my purchase online in a flash!

To be completely honest, the product in my view is REALLY expensive, I bought the Jelly Aquarysta which was the first product that they had released in the line, they have since released hundreds more beauty creams. I paid £21.00 for 15g of the Jelly. You can get the jelly in two sizes, both the 15g pot and also in a  30g pot for £69.00.

The good news is that this is now in the Debenhams Summer Sale and you can pick them up with about 20% off in the UK.

When my delivery arrived i was pretty excited to give it a go, I opened the product and was quite surprised by the jelly consistency.

I had never used anything like this before, and did not have a clue how to get started, however hidden in the box was step by step instructions to where you should and how you should massage into the skin. I read that for maximum results, I should use in the mornings and evenings before I moisturise my skin, you should use circular motions around your eyes, forehead and mouth until the product has been worked in.

I have now been using Astalift Jelly Aquarysta for 7 days and I can honestly say that my original reservations on it being developed by Fujifilm are no longer. My skin feels like new, it is so much firmer and plump and I can't stop prodding my face to feel just how much plumper it feels! The product has a lovely smell of roses as well, which is always a plus point from me. 

with regards to the difference that it has made to any wrinkles I can clearly see that the small lines that I had around my eyes have begun to disappear and hopefully no new ones will come to light any time soon.

It's a thumbs up from me to Fujifilm, and I would defiantly buy this product again and  recommend it to my friends and family.

What do you think of Astalift? Have you given it a try?

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  1. Anonymous11:06 pm

    i have to look into this product. it seems interesting. great blog girl :)


  2. I want to hear your secrets!!
    Stop on by...

  3. Well, that's different! I wonder where this can be found in Canada. BTW, found you on BBU!


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