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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

I recently I went on a little spending spree... I got a bonus at work and decided to go and treat myself to some makeup that I had wanted for a while. I got a mixture of different things, the most exciting of which was 4 NARs blushers, OK so only 3 are for me and one is for my lovely giveaway winner but still pretty frickin exciting!

I have wanted to get a NARS  blusher for a while, ever since I saw 'Deep throat' on someones blog and got insanely jealous. So when I had the cash to spend on some makeup, I thought I would treat both myself and one of my subscribers to one.

Revlon - 'Just Bitten Kissable' Balm Stain in 020 Lovesick Passionate

I love these balms, they are so easy to apply and smell delicious! this is such a nice bright summer pink which lasts all day. I was really surprised that i did not have to re-apply at all, even when I was drinking all day.

you can get these from Boots for £5.99

Bourjois - Healthy Balance, Unifying Powder in 56 Light Bronze 

For those of you who read my blog, you will know I am an ambassador for Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum foundation. This powder is the perfect partner for the foundation, it goes on so lightly to give you a soft bronzed glow. It smells beautiful and fruity and lasts all day.

You can get this also from Boots for £8.49

Maybelline New York - Color Sensational Lip Color in 812 Delicate Pearl 

I am really into lipsticks and lip colour at the moment. This was a little bit of a random purchase for me ( I think I was drawn in by the packaging.) I love Maybelline products and would go as far as saying they are my favourite drugstore brand so I am quite prone to the odd random buy from them. This is a beautiful subtle colour that I feel is the perfect alternative to lip salve and really makes my lips look soft.

You can grab this also at boots for £7.19

NARS - Blush in various colours

I am completely sold on these! at a whopping £21 each, I spent over £80 on these, I am not sorry and would do it again, the payoff of the colours is amazing and I can't wait to use them in a tutorial. I usually use Benefit Blush which is pretty pricy in itself and I can say that I probably will not pick it up again.

 Albatross comes out as a golden highlighter that is perfect for my cheeks. and something that I have looked for for a long time.

You can pick these up here at John Lewis for £21 - and amazingly (well to me) you can get them delivered to your local Waitrose store for collection the very next day! LOVE IT 

What was in your latest Haul? 

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Ellen x


  1. What a haul! Love all of the cosmetics and I am SOOOO jealous you have those NARS blushes! That swatch of Albatross is so lovely because it looks so, well, white in the palette! It's such a subtle gold too!

    Helen xxx

  2. Thanks hun! It feels like Christmas! I'm going to use it in a tutorial soon I hope :-) xx

  3. Hey you don't buy 4 NARS blushes all the time, you worked for your money and you deserve to spend it! I want all of the stuff you got, so freakin cool! I'll come to some money soon too, and i think i will make my way to sephora to get my first NARS products!
    I bought some elf recently, just posted a review about it yesterday :)

  4. Drooling over the NARS blushes! Sin is on my list next & love Deep Throat too!

  5. Anonymous3:52 pm

    Love it!! Mine did have makeup but my makeup is still yet to arrive x

  6. LOVE the Albatross Highlighter! I bought that same lipstain recently, too, and I adore it! Glad to know other people love them too! :)


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