My Bond Girl Makeup

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Whilst I was clearing out my makeup draws, I found my favorite lipstick, which i I have not used for yonks! This inspired me to do a 'bond girl', make up look and post it all for you to see.

The main products i used for the look were:

Top Tip! - blending takes time! use a clean blending brush such as a MAC 217 and use circular, jolty motions as light as a feather through your crease following the line of your eye. It is easier to add a little eyeshadow at a time building up the colour slowly rather than trying to add all the colour at once. you can keep adding and blending until you have the desired look.

Top Tip! - using your application brush, drag a little silver ring under your eye, along yout water line to give you a suitble colour.

Top Tip! - Add your mascara once you have drawn your first line so you can gauge how much product you need. you can also add more Silver Ring on your crease line if you feel you need it.

Voila! there is your finished look! What do you think to this look?


  1. Fab blog hun, following you now :-)

    Gorgeous look you have created - one of my favs xx

  2. Your eyes look really beautiful :) following xx

  3. Thank you :-) loving your blogs!

  4. This is a great look, and a nice post. I like your step by step instruction! :)

  5. this make up looks ao nice! I love your eyebrows, so pretty!

    Vicky xo

    1. Thanks hun, just a bit of dark brown eyeshadow does the trick, was a bit nervous posting a tutorial but the feedback has been great!

  6. Thank you for stopping by my blog Life In A Break Down

    Love the look I should really wear my reds more they really do pop!

    Sarah x

  7. Love the layout of this post and your eyes are so nice, it's a gorgeous look! xo

  8. So happy I discovered your blog on Hellocotton, its awesome doll:)
    Sara xx

  9. Lovely make-up you look gorgeous and I love love love the lipstick choice :)

    Tanesha x


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