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Sunday, 24 June 2012

So I have been seeing EVERYWHERE people talking about the real techniques brushes and raving about how amazing they are, I usually use MAC and Bobbi Brown brushes but  I decided to see what all the fuss was about and purchase myself some of the real technique brushes.

I wasn't sure where the best place to purchase them from was, but managed to find them on Love Makeup (along with about a million other things I can't afford but continued to purchase!). I was actually really shocked how reasonable the price was, I was expecting them to be quite expensive due to the fact they are related to Samantha Chapman from PixiWoo. If you don't know who she is, her and her sister are pretty popular at the moment in the makeup world, they have a You Tube channel and a blog where they show you how to copy celebrity looks and they also review beauty products and makeup - these girls are actually the reason for me pulling my finger out and start my long anticipated blog and enrol myself on a BTEC Make up course (see previous blog), I have always loved makeup but never really thought I'd be able to do any more than practice on myself in front of my mirror, however watching their videos amongst others made me realise the hundreds of different avenues you can take in the beauty world and encouraged me to grab the 'bull by both horns' and give it a go.

Anyway I first purchased three brushes out of the set which I believe there is 10 individual brushes and also three sets of about 5 brushes you can buy, one set is for your face and one for your eyes I believe, the brushes are colour coded, Purple handles are for your eyes and gold are for your face and pink are for your finish.

When I got the delivery of the brushes I am honest my first impression was that they were not as big as I expected, I am not very good at understanding sizes but from he pictures online I expected them to be longer in the handle. I could not wait to try them out.

 The Stippling Brush £10.99

I like to use cream Blusher such as Daniel Sandler Water colour or Urban Decay Cream blush. I had often found it hard to get a subtitle and well blended application on my cheeks, the Stippling brush was my answer! I now can't remember a time before using it! It is the perfect size to apply the product just to the apples of your cheeks and the duel fibre bristles give you an amazing airbrush finish with no brush marks! 10/10

The Setting Brush £6.99

I use this brush to apply foundation to under my eyes to cover dark circles, the length of the bristles really allows you to get an even coverage, it is quite difficult to get an even application if you are using quite a thick product such as Benefit erase paste but if you are using a more fluid concealer such as moisture cover by MAC you are able to get a very even coverage. This is also great for applying power under your eyes 8/10 (this is only due to the current product I use) 

The shading Brush £6.99

I love, Love Love this brush! it is better than any MAC brushes that I have fir shading eye shadow into the crease of the eye and blending your colours together, it has a firm bristle structure which are quite short allowing you to have perfect control over your application or shading 10/10

I have also just placed an order for the expert face brush which will be the first of the face collection that I have, I bought this brush with the intention to use for foundation application so I will update you on what I think of that but I am pretty sure that I will love it as much as the others, I believe that the 14 years experience that Samantha Chapman has in Makeup has really paid off on these brushes.

Check out the website too as they give you great tips on application! Real Techniques

Thank you

Ellen x


  1. Anonymous10:18 pm

    Amazing brushes!

  2. I love these I've got both sets brill brushes! PS I need to get on a course too need to get myself in gear I've self taught everything I kno n do with make up nt been to a single course x


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