She Said Beauty, September Beauty Box - First impressions

Monday, 10 September 2012

So this is the first time that I have received a She Said Beauty box, in all honesty I am quite new to beauty boxes in general, I have had 3 Glossy Boxes I think.

I am still very undecided about the boxes, I have yet to receive an item that I have felt was really good value for money, either because it was a full size product or a product that I have seen before and wanted.

This box does come a little earlier int he month than Glossy Box. It frustrates me so much that they charge you around the 1st of the month and then do not send it out until the 17th! I know it's only £12 or so but in this day my pennies are important to me!

I think I will keep my subscription to She Said Beauty for October to see if this is just a bad month as I like to give everything a fair try.

So here are my first impressions..

I love the colour of the box, however I was a little disappointed that it had a flip lid rather than a lid you can take off like the Glossy Box as I like to use the boxes for makeup storage afterwards and I think that this box may be a little difficult to do such things.... maybe I am being fussy...

I like the pink tissue too, and they popped in a free bag of crisps too which Peter enjoyed.

Inside, you get. ( from top left to right)

Amie - Spring Clean Cooling Clay Mask

They call this 'full size' but what I think they mean is you are able to buy this size in a shop... clever wording here, that doesn't hide the fact that it is just a one mask pack, anyway enough grumbles, I love a good face mask so am looking to give this a go.

Ginvera - Green Tea Whitening Marvel Gel 

The full size of this product is pretty expensive at £22 for 60ml, so I am excited to try this out, it claims to clean black heads and clear dead skin, I tried a little on my hand and its got a clear consistency that forms texture when you rub... I'll keep you updated on that one

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil 

Again, they claim this is full size, but you can just buy this size in the shop. I did get this in my last Glossy Box so on one hand was a little disappointed that I already had it and on the other hand, I was really glad because it has become a staple product of mine and I was about ready to re- purchase.

Collection 2000 - Fix Me Up, Long Lasting Make- Up Fixer 

Collection 2000 were a Brand that I used as a teenager and I haven't seen much of them since I recently bought their concealer that I have read sooo many blog reviews on (It's a gooden) I am also excited to try a make up fixer as it is not something I have really used too much, but something that I desperately need with oily skin.

Collection 2000 - Primed & Ready Smoothing Make Up Primer 

I currently use Benefit's Pore Professional primer, which I love, however I do not like the price tag. This Collection 2000 primer seems to have the same texture to touch however I will reserve judgement until I try it tomorrow morning.

Overall, I guess I feel a little ripped off with the September box however I can't tell if it's because I am in a grump or because I was hoping for some new high end brands that I could try out.. I will update you when I have given all the products a fair try.

What do you think of this box and beauty boxes in general? Which do you get?

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  1. I totally see your point about the value for money thing. I am a big fan of Collection products though so hopefully they prove their worth! I'm dying to try the Ginvera gel as well, might get some from Ebay :)

  2. Loved the Ginvera - and thats probably about it! Managed to find a 60ml with free 30ml tube on EBay for £15 delivered from Malaysia - took about 10 days to arrive and was the real deal! :) Wonder what October will bring - would be nice to see what's coming so you can decide whether you want to buy that month


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