Primer Wars

Saturday, 15 September 2012


My post today is all about primers, one thing that I am quite new to but has become a staple in my personnel makeup case. I have pretty oily skin so it it is important that any primer that I use is oil free or I will break out.

I have tried a few different brands, both high end and cheaper drug store brands, but the one I have been using most recently has been Benefit's Pore Professional which gives you a silky layer over your skin to allow you to apply your foundation easily. It is pretty pricey at £23.50 . I was about to take the plunge to re purchase, when I got Septembers She Said Beauty box, which I reviewed here.

 I gave it a pretty harsh review when I saw the main brand was collection 2000, this was however before I had been able to give the products a run for their money - one of the products being a primer...

So what better than to put the two products head to head..

The Price 

Well this was a pretty easy contest for Collection 2000 at a fraction of the Price! you do get a little less product however with the price you could buy two and still get a good deal.

The Packaging 

Well we all know that one of Benefit's USP's is its Quirky packaging,  so on this one the winner had to be Benefit's Pore Professional the packaging looks allot more classy in my eyes where as Collection 2000 looks a little 'teenage' for me which would effect my decision to buy it in the shop... (shallow I know! )

The Product 

Pore Professional (on the right) has a creamy texture and lovely sweet smell where as Primed & Ready (on the left) has a clear sort of grainy texture which does have a sort of chemically smell, not massively but slightly HOWEVER and it is a big however, when you apply the products to your skin, I can't tell the difference between the two..


I wanted to try both products out with my foundation for a  whole day to see if I could see a difference. Again I felt that both products were pretty good and I could not see too much of a difference, if anything I needed to apply less of Primed & Ready to get the same Finnish.


So for me the winner has to be, hands down Collection 2000, Primed and Ready. whilst I don't think that the actual  product is any better than Benefits, Pore Professional, for a mere £3.99 it is a hell of allot friendlier to my purse and leaves me more pennies to buy new make up with!

What is your favourite Primer?

Thanks for reading

Ellen x


  1. Anonymous11:04 am

    That's really interesting - I use the Benefit one and love it , but would rather save that for evenings / soecial occaisons and use a cheaper on during the day , will def try it out at 3.99 cant go wrong the way have you tried the new Nivea Express Hydration Primer - it's really good too...please do a review on it ..I think only Superdrug have it at the moment it just came out last week.

    1. Hey, I love it, it is defo worth 3.99! I will give Nivea a try, thank you for reccomending it hun x

  2. How well does it do on the pore front? Mine are awful and I've just run out of my sample sized Porefessional which I LOVE D:


    1. I think its amazing, I go for it over my benefit now... Give it try I promise you won't be dissapointed xx

  3. Ooh I have a sample of the PoreFessional and I love it, but haven't tried the Collection one. May have a look into trying it out! xx

  4. Anonymous2:06 am

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