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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

This weeks wish list has some pretty pricey items on it.. however I think that is what a wish list is for and you never know who may be looking at your wish list for Christmas (in my dreams)

1 - Blue Scarf Snood, River Island

If you have seen my previous post about my favourite little things in Autumn you will know that I love a big chunky scarf. I love to wear bright colours that I wear with either my black or cream coats to make them really stand out. (if you have not seen my post, you can here ) I love River Island's clothes too, I could wear them all the time!

2 - Liz Earle, Sheer Skin Tint

As do most bloggers, I love Liz Earl products, I think they are so luxurious and smell delicious, along with doing wonders for your skin. I have read on many different blogs that the Sheer Skin Tint by Liz Earl is  most have so I am hoping to give this a go soon too!

3 - Halo, 20" Remy Human Hair in Light Brown

I am desperate for long hair! I have been growing my hair for a good year or so now and have just reached below my shoulders. I first saw Halo's on twitter and thought they were fab, you just place the ring under your hair on the crown part of your head and brush through to have lovely locks in under 3 mins.... AMAZE! also there is no chance of any bonds or clips showing!

4 -  HoMedics me Quartz permanent hair reduction

I want this Sooo bad! I suffer pretty badly with dark hair in places that I do no want it to be so am forever shaving,waxing and bleaching. all my answers could be answered with this reduction system that you can do at home. If I had £400 spare this is defiantly the product that I would buy, I wish you could hire this sort of thing...

5 - Michael Kors MK5464 Watch

I really love these watches, I know they have been popular with bloggers for a few years now. My friend recently picked one up in rose gold and it is beautiful.. I am hoping for this for Christmas (hint hint... )

Thank you for checking out my wish list this week, what is on your wish list? I'd love it if you could leave your links below for me to have a read.

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  1. Love the watch but i think you've missed a zero off the selling price!! If not please let me know your stockist!! :)

    Have followed your blog and would love a follow back if you like mine.


    1. Hey! So I have! I wish it was £21. Love your blog and an following too! Im doing a giveaway Friday x

    2. Ooooh exciting, will keep my eye out :) xxx

  2. Anonymous5:41 am

    i actually got some extensions for a dollar on ebay! go to ebay for things like that. cute blog girl :)



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