September Wishlist

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

I Love the Autumn and although I am aware that it is only September and it could still be classed as Summer, I get really excited at this time of year as I know for the next few months the tress will turn brown the air will cool and I will be able to pull on my cosy jumpers and Ugg boots in front of our fire.

This month’s wish list for me mainly features hair care products and skincare products; I like to ensure that during the colder months my locks and skin stay fresh.

Alpha - H Liquid Gold

I have heard great things about this product from various bloggers, you are meant to apply to your skin every other night before bed. It contains glycolic acid which is recognised for its 'rejuvenating' qualities ( I think it's a little scary, the thought of putting acid on my face) however it is meant for the treatment and reduction of minor skin complaints such as, fine lines, wrinkles acne and breakouts. these are all things that I have on my skin. I am really looking forward to giving this a go.

Moroccon Oil Treatrment

Again this is another product that I have heard great things about. I suffer from awful frizz if I do not straighten my hair every day, this frizz gets worse when I add bleach to the combo so I love anything that can tame my locks. I currently use Fizz Ease which I do like but I find I have to add allot to get it under control. This for me is a must buy on payday.

Daniel Sandler Super Gloss - Super Necter

I am loving oranges and corals at the moment I think it is such a nice autumn colour. I also love Daniel Sandler makeup which I was new to this year, so would love to give this a go.

Orla Kiely Home Diffuser - Sage & Cassis

Sage is 'in' apparently at the moment as a home fragrance (not sure how a home smell can be fashionable, but hey) I love reed diffusers as they give you a lovely long lasting smell that fills the whole house whilst looking pretty on your shelves.

Paul Mitchell Volumising Spray

Another hair product. I am in love with Paul Mitchell hair care, I first came across them from my local hair dressers when I bought his Super Slip which helps your hair dry in supersonic time, amazing! I also use his heat defence spray too which is lush. My hair is pretty flat unless I add product, so this is another I must try next month.

Kms California Colorvitality Blonde Treatment

I have recently Ombre my hair, which as I have mentioned above, looks great but does nothing for the condition. My friend recently bought over some 'purple shampoo' which is meant for the treatment of bleached hair. Apparently, the purple tones counter act the brassy and yellow tones from the bleach whilst conditioning your hair back to full strength... sound too good to be true?! I will sure let you know

Thanks for stopping by to see my wish list, what is on your list this week? I'd love to see your lists, so please leave your links in the comment section below

Thank you!


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  1. That's a fab wishlist you've got going on there! I've almost given in and purchased both the Urban Decay Naked palettes, but I live in Australia and to get them over here they are double the price :( it sucks.

    Anyway new follower here, found you through Blog Hop



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