Mean Stinks!

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

 I recently saw that Joanna from The Treasure Chest did a post about something called Mean Stinks which is a campaign against bullying in all it's forms. This is something that I was really interested in being involved in as I think bullying is awful and unfortunately in this digital age it is becoming easier for people to bully others or 'troll' as it is also known anonymously and easily over the Internet. More and more people are being subjected to some form of bullying and I believe that if we all pull together and take note of the bullying that takes place, we can put a stop to this.

The campaign sees people painting their pinkie nail's blue to show their support and commitment against bullying and saying that Being Mean Stinks.

You can find more information about the Mean Stinks campaign here

You can also watch the inspirational video here  

Come on and get involved and together we can make a difference!

Ellen xxxx

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  1. very inspiring post :)

    thank you so much for posting this <3


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