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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Hey Junkies, This is a little bit of a controversial post really, but one that I wanted to write, to give you both my opinion and find out what you all think of beauty boxes.

I was signed up to two different beauty boxes recently, Glossy Box UK and She Said Beauty. I had been signed up to these boxes for about 3 or 4 months and  just cancelled my subscription.

I originally signed up for the boxes after first hearing they existed through some blogs that I follow and some You Tubers that I am subscribed to. I thought "what a great idea!" sometimes in the past, I had felt myself unsure on what new products to try, and didn't really know where to start in finding something new and exciting to get. So, like most I thought of the beauty box as a great avenue to discover new products and brands that I may fall in love with. I also loved the thought that for £10 a month you were on a 'in' list and you would get really good value for money (everyone likes a freebie or a brilliant deal) I honestly couldn't see where it could go wrong! I even saw a You Tuber going through her box and getting a gorgeous nail polish from Ciate. So I signed up and eagerly awaited my first box.. ( I later found out that this was a Glossy Box USA..... another time, another post, but basically I think that the boxes are 100% times better value for money)

So the first one that came was Glossy Box ( July or Aug maybe) I ripped open the packaging and was really impressed with the pretty pink box, ribbon and the padding inside. I couldn't wait to try all the products, which in fairness I was really happy with. I got a Jelly Pong Pong lip Jelly, which I had never seen, but since have re purchased and love, and a shimmer eye shadow ( can't remember who did it) which I like, I would maybe not re purchase but use every now and again. - I thought for £10 this is great..

The next box came.... and I did not enjoy any one of the products, They were all skin care and face masks with a few spot treatments which I do not use. I was pretty disappointed but though that this is my preference and it may just not be my month.

I then got my She said beauty box, which I again wasn't impressed with, I received Collection 2000 bits and some more face masks... whilst I do love the Primer from Collection 2000 and have re purchased, this was the only product I liked and was not worth £10.

I started to think that this maybe wasn't such a good deal anymore, it wasn't what I had been expecting and I felt ripped off a little, but I thought to myself that I would give both boxes one last try to see if they could get it right....  three boxes later and a mountain of face masks I cancelled both subscriptions.

These boxes were not for me, and after a lot of thought, I felt that I wasn't getting a good deal and felt that these companies were ripping me off by charging me in total £12.95 for a bunch of sample items, that I could possibly go and get for free from the companies. The more I thought about this, the angrier I got! I don't know that this is the case, and would love for someone to correct me, but I feel that these companies are sent X amount of samples for free to send to their subscribers to advertise the organisations (acting more as an advertising agency) ... I get that to have a company you need to make a profit, but at £12.95 per box to send 5 crappy samples that were free, to me is a rip off...

Like I said, I am sure that this may not be the case, and these companies really do want to reach out to the beauty lovers and give them an opportunity to try new things, but I think it is less about the benefits to us consumers and more about what they have been sent that month for free...

Rant over... but my personal reasons for cancelling are..

  • Too many Face creams and face masks
  • Charging me £12.95 for things I could get for free from the companies
  • The Brands were pretty average
  • Too many samples, I did not receive one full size product
  • Beauty Box Ambassadors always had better products than me..
  • Charging me for the box super early and not sending it to me for weeks
  • I could go and buy a new lipstick from MAC for £2 extra which I would love more
Things that would make me think about re-subscribing...

  • Less products, more full size
  • More makeup brands
  • Less Face masks and moisturisers
  • At least one of the products to be high end
  • Sending me the box early in the month

I know that this post has been a little ranty and some people may not agree with me. I would really love to hear what your thoughts are and weather you feel I should give them another chance...

What are your thoughts? are the USA boxes better than ours in the UK?

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  1. Anonymous5:06 pm

    Great post! I've been subscribed to Glossybox for about a year now, and it has been really hit or miss. I actually like getting moisturizers and bodycare products better than makeup just because the makeup I have received is normally in colors I would not use so I think that is probably why I am still subscribed. I've also been able to redeem my Glossydots for a few free boxes which is nice too. I don't think beauty boxes are for everyone, but I think overall most of the companies are improving and hopefully will continue to do so! xx

  2. I'm actually considering cancelling my subscription after this post, never thought of it like that. In Australia there are 2 boxes, Bellabox and Lusthaveit (which used to be GlossyBox). I've unsubscribed from Lusthaveit exactly because of what you said in this post and i'm trying Bellabox for the first time this month (so far so good...)

    I've just started a plus size fashion and beauty blog :)


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