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Thursday, 18 October 2012

Recently I have been obsessed wit Pintrest and have pinned so many different crafty DIY tutorials, one that I thought I must try was a DIY framed blackboard, which is something I have wanted to buy for a while. 

I had a week off the day job this week, so whats a better time than to get cracking on my new DIY skills... so I headed off to Hobby Craft. In all honestly I ws pretty disappointed with Hobby Craft and could not find anything that I needed, so headed to the Range ( a shop that literally sells everything) and manges to pick up everything I needed other than the chalkboard paint which I picked up from Homebase

In all, all the bits, minus the paint brushes that I already had, cost me a decent £18..

Step 1 - I got this box frame for about £3.50 from the Range, I decided I wanted it as a box frame so I had a ledge to rest the chalk on once it was transformed. 

The first thing you want to do is take the glass out of the frame and discard safely, you will then need to get the back board out ready to paint.

I got this paint from Homebase for £11.99 - I would not bother purchasing the magnetic stuff, as it is  not magnetic! 

Stir the paint well, for about 5 minutes as it does separate quite a bit. Then apply a thin layer to your back board and leave in a dry area to dry. 

This paint takes around 2 hours to dry... so whilst it is drying Ill move onto step 2 

Step 2 - I picked up some mint green acrylic paint from the Range, which cost me £1.50 (bargain) I wasn't sure how porous the frame wood would be so I also bought a small tester pot pf white matte finish paint from Homebase to mix in with the green to ensure that one, I had enough and two, it dried well on the wood. 

I then applied a thin layer of this mix all over the frame and the inner frame. I had to keep going back to ensure that I had reached every spot. 

Step 3 - This is optional, but I wanted to add some letters to my blackboard. I bought two packets of children's craft letters from the Range that cost me £1.20 each. I decided I wanted these to be coloured. 

I used the chalk that I had bought to colour the letters in, I then sealed this with some clear nail varnish... 

I then arranged my letters and used some super glue to attach the board... 


What do you think? Have you got any DIY tutorials for me to try? 

Thanks for reading.. 

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  1. this is super cute! thanks for sharing


  2. that looks fantastic! Such a great idea, I'd love one of these for my kitchen I think I'll give it a go :) Thanks for sharing x

  3. Well impressed with this :)

    Might have a go at doing this myself :)

    I’m also running a giveaway so would love if you could enter!

  4. this so cute, awesome, and DIY. love DIY projects

  5. Ahh this is awesome! Definitely need to give this a go.
    Jesss xo


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