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Saturday, 13 October 2012

For those of you that follow me on twitter, you will be aware that I have been having massive issues with the condition of my hair. I have been bleaching it and straightening it, toning it and curling it over the lase few months, which as you can imagine, has left its evil mark on the condiditon of my hair.

I have been trying a few different hair masks to try and inject some moisture back into the strands! some have been ok, others have been rubbish, but my favourtite by far has to be Osmo - Berber Oil Mask .

I picked this up from Sally's for £10 ( alot cheaper than some I had bought) you can use this everyother day as a conditioner, or you can apply before bed if you hair is very dry - I have tried both ways and found that leaving it in over night gave me the best results.

It smells absloutly delicious, I don't think I have ever smelt a nicer hair product (it even beats Aussie)

This for me is a definate staple!

What is your favourite hair product?

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  1. I am interested in trying this out too. I used to have dull straight hair and i want something that could bring back its natural glow. I guess this is the product for me, I hope so....

    1. I love it! another really good,cheap tip is oliveoil. Warm it up for a few seconds in the microwaves and then apply to your hair. Plait your hair and leave over night - washout in the morning, you may need to do two shampoos and your hair will be lovely and shiny. xx

  2. Well now ice got to try . I have lots of beauty DIY on my blog. Following youuuuu


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